Robins’ songs as recorded in the backyard of Baby Dee’s mother’s home in Cleveland in the spring of 2001. Originally released with the album Love’s Small Song. This CD contains no songs by Baby Dee, only recordings of bird songs!

Listen to a sample fragment:


this recording of robins

was made in the backyard

of my mother’s home

in cleveland. ohio in the spring

of 2001

they start singing

at about 3 o’clock

in the morning

and continue until

the sun comes up

a four hour concert

what’s presented here

is only the final hour

beginning with

the robins and

an occasional dove

and ending with wrens,

sparrows, and

some baby crows.

the editing out

of ambient noise

was kept at a minimum

to stay as close

to real time

as possible

the idea is to present

as an audible thing

the making of a day

whatever it is

that the robins are saying

it’s absolutely true

and terribly important

and they say it with a sincerity

that men could only wish for

if i were pressed

to give them words

i’d give them these:

here i am

it’s me

i’m here

take heart, my friends

and think

who made those eyes that see

can’t he look out from yours

who in a world of widows

pities whores

and gives to countless tiny birds

the heart to sing

love’s small song

love’s small song

though my love is far away

i shall sing

love’s small song

i shall sing and wake the day

here i am

it’s me

i’m here

– baby dee, october 2001

The Robins’ Song

release date: 1/22/08

label: Drag City

catalog number: DCDEE

media: Compact Disc EP

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Anonymous Robins

Track listing The Robins’ Song

Untitled 55:28


Hooray for Baby Dee!

catalog number: DC351BC

medium: Genuine Audubon Society bird call

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