Spydernet is the resource for designers and developers.  If you specialize in graphic design, programming, and web page design, you can now offer a complete Web presence solution to your clients.  Reselling our web hosting plans at wholesale rates allows you to provide web hosting to your clients, on our servers, with no additional startup costs, and no equipment to buy!  

You handle all aspects of your customer web sites. This includes sales, billing, collection, domain name registration, web space allocation and setup, stat reporting, technical support, pre and post sales, FTP account setup, user and web site security administration.

We take care of all the technical stuff behind the scenes like server equipment and software, data lines, daily backups, backup power, hardware repair, and network management.

NOTE: we do not tolerate bulk emailing or “spamming” nor do we host any type of site that violates US laws. Your site, and your all hosted sites, must comply at all times with the terms and conditions contained in our service agreement.

Spydernet offers three ways to sell web hosting:

  • Partner Reseller:  Any business customer can resell his webspace to his customers for whatever price he wants. For example:

    John comes to us and orders 100mb (personal host not eligible) of space @ $24.95 a month. His website only takes up 10mb of space, so he decides to resell the remaining 90mb to his own customers. John can charge his customers whatever fee he wants, so he gives 25 mb to Bill for $25/month and 25 mb to Peter for $25/month, and 40 mb to Rick for $25/mo. John just made a profit of $50 a month, or $500 per year! You can order as much space as you need!

  • Dedicated Server Renting a dedicated server is the most profitable way of reselling. Simply put, you lease the server starting at $150/mo and you can add as many sites as you wish at no charge!

  • Referral Program: Our Partner Reseller program is ta great way to expand your suite of services, you can still generate revenue and take advantage of all of our technical services through our Referral Program. Under this program, you receive a one month credit (if you host with Spydernet), for each paid hosting customer you refer. Your customers receive all of the benefits of hosting with Spydernet and you can feel confident that you are placing your clients with a trusted industry partner.

How to Hide Us:

If you are a reseller and one of your customers does a WHOIS on networksolutions.com he will see that you are hosted on ns.spydernetinternet.com. In order to hide us and prevent your customers from knowing that you are a reseller, you can buy your own DNS (domain name server), so when a customer does a WHOIS, he will see ns.yourname.com instead of ns.spyderinternet.com.

We only charge a $5 setup fee and $2.95 a month for your own DNS.


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