Regifted Light

I count the ages by the night
And never by the day
For I cannot perceive the light
Except in gentle ways

The moon is my redeemer
The moon is my befriending Jesus

His blessing glistens on my back
And multiplies
It multiplies
As I regift it
To your eyes

From sun to moon to me
And to your eyes
Your eyes

With each regifting of the light
Its gentleness increases

On The Day I Died

On the day I died
I took my mother for a ride
“Where shall we go, my dear,
Where shall we go?”

And for the longest time
There were no songs to sing
No words to rhyme

“How can I my love
Have failed you so?”

And on the day I died
I drove her to the riverside
And saw my father there
I saw my father there
And he was fishing there
And on the water there was snow

Brother Slug and Sister Snail

Brother slug and sister snail
Be thou happy in the slime
Pilgrims on a silver trail
harmless and unharmed to climb

The good look down
Full of concern
With every step
At every turn
The good look down
The good look down

King David wrote a song for us
And Jesus sang it on the cross
But no one heard him when he sang
I am a worm and not a man

The good look down…

And we look up from the muck
Our tiny horns perceiving
The dead are loved
Beyond our grieving

Brother slug and sister snail
Be thou happy
Be thou comforted
Be thou free

The Pie Song

I want that pie
Give me that pie
Give that pie to me
I must have that pie

Pie, Pie, Pie,
Pie, Pie, Pie

Give that pie to me

Or I will be so sad.

Lyrics Baby Dee album Regifted Light


Regifted Light

Brother Slug and Sister Snail

On the Day I Died

The Pie Song

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