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Baby Dee News is www.babydee.org‘s newsletter to keep you updated on all things concerning Baby Dee, like tour dates and new albums. It will not be sent on a regular basis, but only when, well you know, there is news you probably don’t want to miss.

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  1. Baby Dee News – Little Annie and Baby Dee at Joe’s Pub on Christmas Eve
    Sent December 11th 2013

    Baby Dee News Baby Dee News – December 11 2013 Little Annie and Baby Dee at Joe’s Pub on Christmas Eve Join us for an evening of depressive snowmen, disgruntled reindeer, incontinent Santas, washed up hermaphrodites and yuletide sobstresses. read more abou…

  2. Baby Dee News Extra concert in Amsterdam and more
    Sent February 27th 2013

    Baby Dee News Baby Dee News – February 26 2013 One more month of fun(zone)! Baby Dee is fully enjoying her life as artist in residence in Amsterdam at the moment, and what better way to celebrate this than with a concert? Well, it’s on next Friday, Joe Car…

  3. Baby Dee News – Baby Dee has fun with mosquitoes
    Sent December 14th 2012

    Baby Dee News Baby Dee News – December 14 2012 Baby Dee engages with mosquitoes Baby Dee’s love for bees is well-known, but how about mosquitoes? If you happen to be in The Netherlands (or Belgium), you can find out in the coming months, in which she joins…

  4. Baby Dee News – Photos and update
    Sent June 17th 2012

    Baby Dee News Baby Dee News – Update June 17 2012 The Wouter van den Brink photos We received so many positive reactions to Baby Dee’s new gorgeous online photos, we realized they deserve much more credit. So we’ve added a section to the Photos page, with …

  5. Baby Dee News – 2012 USA Summer Tour
    Sent June 16th 2012

    Baby Dee News Baby Dee News – June 2012 USA Summer Tour 2012 Good news for all American fans who have been missing out on Baby Dee’s European concerts last year: now it’s your turn! Dee’s 2012 USA Summer Tour will take her – and her fabulous harp – from th…


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