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From basic Web surfing, to conducting electronic commerce, the Internet is here to stay. Utilizing our many years of experience in the computer industry, setting up an Internet division seemed the natural thing to do. Since opening the Internet division,
Spydernet has become the fastest growing Internet provider in Texas!

While the growth and interest in our service has been phenomenal, we realize the only way to stay on top in this dynamic market is to continue to provide unparalleled customer service and support, along with the FASTEST connection in town. So give us a try.

We Are ….

Spydernet is a provider of turn-key Internet services based in Texas. These services include high-speed Internet Access, world-class Web Development, World Wide Web Server Management and Co-Location and Web Marketing services.

Established in 1996 in response to the needs of the East Texas Internet community, Spydernet already has become recognized as a performer and innovator in responding to customers’ needs.

Spydernet provides Internet services to both home users as well as corporate clients. Spydernet’s services include the design, configuration, implementation and support of electronic platforms to provide storage, access, transfer, communication and security of digital information. Spydernet’s experts have the experience to guide our clients successfully and smoothly..

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