Baby Dee Goes Down To Amsterdam, Dee’s second release of 2011, is a double CD that captures her travels across Europe to a destination that’s dear to her heart: Amsterdam. The album was recorded live at the world famous Amsterdam jazz venue The Bimhuis, during the 2009 Holland Festival. The concert was broadcasted on national radio and those who attended it consider it one of Dee’s most memorable concerts.

During the concert Baby Dee plays both harp and Steinway D Grand, and is accompanied by three of her favourite musicians: John Contreras on cello, Alex Neilsen on drums and Joe Carvell on bass. Featuring her infectious cackle, Baby Dee goes down to Amsterdam presents the essence of Baby Dee, and serves as a mesmerising archive.

Blair Kelly rewards Baby Dee goes down to Amsterdam with 4.5 stars out of 5:

…this album is song after song of sheer brilliance encapsulated in Baby Dee’s vibrant and quirky stage persona. Truly unusual and beautiful.

Listen to these sample tracks:

Morning Holds A Star (live session)

Morning Holds A Star was recorded live for The Line Of Best Fit on 28 October 2011. With Doug Tielli on trombone, Joe Carvell on bass and Alex Neilsen on drums.

Ben Graham gives Baby Dee goes down to Amsterdam 4 out of 5 pigeons:

There’s a slippery quality to the music of Baby Dee that’s a joy to behold. This live set from Amsterdam’s Bimhuis is the perfect introduction to an artist who deserves to be far more widely celebrated, serving as a surrogate greatest hits collection, as well as an incentive to catch her in the flesh on her current UK and European tour. […] If you only buy one Baby Dee album, buy this (and then buy Safe inside the Day).

Safe Inside the Day (live session)

Safe Inside the Day was recorded live for The Line Of Best Fit on 28 October 2011. With Doug Tielli on guitar, Joe Carvell on bass and Alex Neilsen on drums.

Was Ist Das about Baby Dee goes down to Amsterdam:

The performance alone elevates this album above fan-filling merchandise into an essential album for your collection. You could easily use this album to introduce people to Baby Dee’s music and make them fans. Beautiful, witty, strange, wonderful and sad, you would be well advised to check this one out.

The Harp & the Axe

How does a Cleveland girl end up in Amsterdam? All is revealed in The Harp & the Axe, a fairy tale written by Mary Norris. It’s a tale about princess Baby Dee, an axe, a harp, two grand pianos, and her encounter with Winky, Wanky and Batchy. But it’s also about jealousy, random encounters, new beginnings. And a handsome prince… of course.

Mary Norris is a New York based writer who calls herself “proud to be Baby Dee’s sister”. In a 2009 interview with Andy Ross she tells passionately about her work for The New Yorker magazine . At her highly entertaining blog The Alternate Side Parking Reader she shares the everyday struggle of getting her 1990 Honda Civic parked.

Baby Dee captured in ink

All cover art of Baby Dee goes down to Amsterdam was created by Peter Standley. In his gorgeous ink drawings he meticulously captures the nuances of Mary Norris’s fairy tale. Those who have attended Baby Dee concerts may recognize Peter’s inspiration for the drawing on CD1: Dee’s walk from harp to piano, as always accompanied by special ‘traveling music’.

Baby Dee goes down to Amsterdam

release date: 4/11/2011

label: Tin Angel Records

piano, harp, vocals:
Baby Dee

Joe Carvell

John Contreras

Alex Nielsen

all songs written by:
Baby Dee

recorded live for NPS Radio at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, for the 2009 Holland Festival

artwork by Peter Standley

The Harp & the Axe by Mary Norris

Track list

CD 1

The Robin’s Tiny Throat (4:26)

Love’s Small Song (2:43)

Book of Songs for Anne Marie (3:35)

Lilacs (4:30)

Safe Inside The Day (7:31)

The Earlie King (5:47)

Compass Of The Light (3:52)

When I Get Home (4:55)

So Bad (5:46)

CD 2

Regifted Light (4:40)

April Day (4:40)

The Only Bones That Show (5:56)

Big Titty Bee Girl (From Dino Town) (4:06)

Dance of Diminishing Possibilities (4:25)

Look What The Wind Blew In (3:05)

Half a Chance (5:19)

Black but Comely (6:02)

Set Me as a Seal (3:13)

Morning Holds A Star (6:35)

The Song Of Self-Acceptance (3:57)

Love’s Small Song

Love’s small song

Love’s small song

Though my love is far away

I shall sing and wake the day

Love’s small song

Love’s small song

Though my love is ages gone

I shall sing love’s small song

I shall sing and wake the dawn

Ben Hewitt:

“Capping proceedings with an ode to incontinence (‘The Song Of Self-Acceptance’) could verge on whimsy, but Dee could bring cheer to the sleaziest of backstreets.”

read more at NME

Jan Willem Broek:

“The 20 songs that are presented here form a splendid cross-section of her work, and are all performed in unparalleled quality. It makes us Dutch a little proud to see her produce a Dutch-coloured album. […] Overall this is a wonderfull registration of an impressive and foremost moving performance.”

read more at Subjecitivisten in Dutch, or the Google translation