56K Dial-up Access

Spydernet Now offers internet access nationwide!
Check here to see if we have local numbers in your area:

Enter your 2-digit State

* To lookup all the access numbers, input “all” into the areacode field.

$19.95 per month- one connection
$191.40 – for full year in advance ($15.95/mo)
$107.70 – for ½ year in advance ($17.95/mo)

ISDN Access

$149.95 – 64k ISDN DEDICATED access
$249.95 – 128k ISDN DEDICATED access

Click HERE to use a pre-paid card.

Click HERE to sign up using our online CD (downloads a file after sign-up which will automatically configure your computer forour dial-up access)

Click HERE to sign up if you wish to configure your settings.

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