Why Spydernet?

With over seven years experience providing web-hosting solutions to small and midsize businesses, we have the experience to make your online venture a success. With the recent launch of our latest web-hosting platform, we have introduced a new level of web hosting service. We have built a "Power House" network to insure unsurpassed reliability — taking web hosting to a new level. We are able to provide our customers the high-speed access that today’s web sites demand.

Superior equipment provides a superior product.

Why depend on unproven equipment and unsupported OSs? Our network is built using time-tested products. All of our high-speed web hosting servers are highly reliable servers, running Linux RedHat. We have built a solid network using only Cisco routers and switches. Our Network Operations Center in Tyler, Texas is constantly monitoring all aspects of our network, including latency, service degradation and service outages. Using the latest tools in network management, our NOC is able to detect and monitor network outages. Our UNIX web hosting solutions depend on the highly-regarded Apache web server. Our engineers have worked diligently to make unique modifications to the heart of our web hosting applications to ensure unsurpassed performance. Today, we offer our customers modern application programming solutions such as PHP, ASP and ColdFusion. These application servers require an experienced staff of network engineers and developers to support their unique requirements.

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